please paraphrase my assignment

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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please paraphrase my assignment
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paraphrase the attached file please? the assignment has been written i just need someone to paraphrase it for me to reflect 0 plagiarism when submitting the assignment please read the attached document the original assignment as follow

Part 1

Week 5 discussion 1

Week 5 discussion 2

Part 1: Introduction

1. Write a background statement of approximately 1–2 pages that includes: a. What you have learned about social change as a social issue. b. What you have learned about social change as a research problem. Support your insights with academic citations from the Learning Resources.c. Describe the gap that your study will address. 2. From the gap, create a brief purpose statement that is aligned with the following research question:What is the meaning of social change for Walden graduate students?

Part 2

Week 6 discussion 2

Review your field notes, etc., written during each aspect of the data collection process, and examine your role and experience and how that is shaping your experience (reflexivity).• Describe the roles you are playing in this research effort (i.e., a graduate student, classmate, interviewer, etc.). • Identify any ethical issues that could or did arise during the data collection processes (i.e., these could include doing a study within one’s own work environment, conflict of interest, or power differentials).

Part 3

Week 9 Discussion Data analysis portion

Part 3: Results

During this course, you have coded your two Scholars of Change videos, you have conducted and coded your phone interview, and you have gathered data from the Walden social change website and any other documents or websites you might have included. For this Part 3 of your Major Assignment 2, you will write up the results of your findings. You will include the following sections in your write-up:

A. Data Sources—briefly describe each data source including location, duration of data collection, how data were recorded, and unusual circumstances. • Two Scholars of Change videos • One phone interview • Resources from the social change websiteB. Instrumentation—briefly describe the type of instrumentation you used for your data collection. • Who developed each data collection tool and what is the date of publication? • Where and with which participant group has it been used previously? • How appropriate is it for current study and include whether modifications will be or were needed?

C. Data Analysis—based on the data sources in “A.”, provide a detailed analysis to include the following: • Report the process used to move inductively from coded units to larger representations including categories and themes. • Describe the specific codes, categories, and themes that emerged from the data using quotations as needed to emphasize their importance. 1. 1st cycle—describe, give examples. 2. 2nd cycle—describe give examples/moving from codes to categories. 3. Identify themes—provide examples and illustrate your results with a figure or a chart.

Part 4

Part 4: Trustworthiness and Summary

D. Trustworthiness—summarize across the different data sources and respond to the following:• What themes are in common?• What sources have different themes? • Explain the trustworthiness of your findings, in terms of:o Credibility o Transferabilityo Dependability strategies o Confirmability

E. Summary

• Based on the results of your analyses, how would you answer the question: “What is the meaning of social change for Walden graduate students?” • Self-Reflection—Has your own understanding of you as a positive social change agent changed? Explain your reasoning. • Based on your review of the three articles on social change, which one is aligned with your interests regarding social change and why?


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