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​Please respond to Alyssa | Get Quick Solution
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Please respond to Alyssa with 200 words

My personal life gets on the way of school, i’m in the process of moving because of an unfortunate event and that sometimes gets in the way of my education. Not only that but also when i want to relax and binge watch anime, i will take frequent breaks from school and watch anime instead of studying, but i make sure to do my work. So now what i do is i tell my grandmother that ill have to put packing on pause for a moment on days that i have work to do, and then help her later, additionally instead of taking entire days to watch just anime i find productive things to do on my break days and also watch anime so then i leave more room for studies and work with no distractions. I try to take mental pauses sometimes so i do not burn myself out, but i do not want to take too many breaks so i try to dedicate as much time on school and a day or two on breaks. I want to have the ability to not only work towards my degree but also enjoy life and the little things in it, so that i do not lose motivation to do work,so i make a schedule for myself.


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