POL 100 Homework questions

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POL 100 Homework questions
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Read Chapter 2 in Harrison. First, pay close attention to the beginning of the chapter so that you understand what happened to cause Britain’s North American colonies to break away from Great Britain. Once you do that, skip to the Appendix section and read pp. A1-A2, and read the Declaration of Independence. Then come back to Chapter 2 and finish reading the ENTIRE chapter, including the Constitution of the United States at the end of the chapter. Once you finish reading the chapter, concentrate on these key terms and be sure you know each: Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Connecticut (Great) Compromise, bicameral legislature, separation of powers, Federalists, and Anti-Federalists. Now go to the Library of Congress web-site, and see what background it provides on the early Republic; you should navigate around that site.

Library of Congress Web-Site

This is a link to the library of Congress web-site.

questions 1

For this week’s Discussion Board posting, answer the following question: What were the major weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation? Cite at least TWO weaknesses. Be specific;

Questions 2


Think about the Boston Tea Party and imagine that you are living in that pre-Revolutionary era. You are working for a newspaper and you need to write an article in which you characterize the colonists’ motives in the Boston Tea Party. Think of this from two perspectives. First, examine it from the perspective of an English citizen (which is what you would be) living in the Colonies: How would you explain the colonists’ motives? Second, examine this from the perspective of an English citizen living in England: How would you explain the colonists’ motives? Jot down your thoughts and keep track of them;

For this week’s Blog, consider the question posted in the “Critical Thinking” step of this week’s lesson. Choose ONE of the perspectives that was highlighted and write your Blog as if it were the article for your local pre-Revolutionary newspaper. (Your entry can be relatively short; try to get your point across in abouut THREE SOLID PARAGRAPHS). Go to the Individual Blog button to post your work.


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