Pol. Sci 001 Assignment 4 | Get Quick Solution

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Pol. Sci 001 Assignment 4 | Get Quick Solution
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Read chapter 9-11

Answer the following questions.

Each answer should be 2-3 substantial paragraphs in length (i.e. half a page)

Chapter 9 – Political Parties

1) America runs on the two -party party system. Especially now, we see the intense rivalry between the Democrats and Republicans. Explain the role political parties play in elections.

2) Discuss how political parties were first formed. Use examples from the text.

Chapter 10 – Interest groups and lobbying

3) Provide some details about what interest groups are; and also how they are affected by one’s socio-economic status.

Chapter 11 – Congress

4) Now that we are heading into in -depth study of the 3 main branches of our government, discuss the formation and role of Congress.


Discussion 4

Read the following article and answer the question below:


In your opinion, is the electoral college democratic? Would you keep the system in place or abolish it altogether?


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