Policy making.

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Policy making.
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1. Write 2 pages of the discussion question: should a candidate for public office or an elected official be influenced by opinion polls? Explain your answer in terms of what you know both about polls and about the role of elected officials in a democracy.

2. Birkland explain that there are four environments that influence policy making (The Black Box): the structural environment,the social environment, the economic environment, and the political environment. (We discussed the structural features in week 2). What are the policy implications of social environment and economic environment for policy making? write one page.

3.Current news articles on policy issues:

We read news articles about policy issues in the news media daily. Sometimes they are about international issues and often times they are about our national policies and local issues. There are many articles worth reading every day.

Please post the news articles you think is a

good read and is relevant to the course topic and would like to share with the class.


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