Political Science 101 Discussion post Response/Comment on classmate’s post (Nydia) | Get Quick Solution

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Political Science 101 Discussion post Response/Comment on classmate’s post (Nydia) | Get Quick Solution
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Political Science

Final Essay and Discussion

When the framers created the constitution, they understood the importance of limiting the power given to the government by the American people. Ruled and oppressed by English rule had taught them a lot, and when the constitution was created they made sure to include possibilities for amendments, and only when there was enough support to make changes to the constitution. They created different branches of the government that would work together, and that would rely on each other in order to work effectively. Although there were some supporters of a more stronger government, the first amendment helps protect the government from becoming too powerful. Americans most valued rights are protected in the first amendment, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press. All of these rights protected in the constitution prevents a government from oppressing its citizens. In recent history, we have seen the largest protests held in the United States, as well as the press and freedom of speech attacked by government officials. The press specifically has been held scrutiny for many reasons, validity or “fake news” as well as their journalistic integrity.

The American government is now only a fraction of what was originally created by the framers. In the last chapter, we discussed in We The People (Ginsberg, et.al.), the judiciary system. Originally there were only six judges in the supreme court, and judicial was not yet established. Today there are nine Supreme Court Judges, and the supreme court serves as a sort of voice of reason not only between the American people but between the people and its government. Political parties and how representatives are chosen is also different from how citizens chose their leaders. Politicians were chosen by Party instead of by individual politicians. If you were voting democrat or republican, you were forced to chose all politicians under that political party whether you agreed or liked all the representatives under that political umbrella. This way of voting limited citizens and politicians alike.

Changes made over the years in how the constitution is interpreted, and how it is applied is reasonable considering society has changed significantly as well. When the constitution was formed, it was to create a government that would be ruled by the people and for the people. I expect more changes to the constitution to come because we are an ever-changing people, a young and unique nation. I believe a change in our government is not only inevitable but absolutely necessary for our growth as a nation.


We The People (Ginsberg, et.al.) 2017.


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