Political Science 101 Discussion Post Response/Comment to classmate’s post (Ayinda) | Get Quick Solution

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Political Science 101 Discussion Post Response/Comment to classmate’s post (Ayinda) | Get Quick Solution
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Chapter 13

The evolution of presidency has changed drastically over time, as do most systems. The political environment must change in order to become more effective, and meet the needs of the changing world around us. Presidency has evolved into more than what the Founding Fathers could have ever envisioned, two of the biggest and most important being presidential power, as well as president security.

Presidential power in contemporary America has increased greatly since the times of the Founding Fathers. In the nineteenth century, typically congress dominated the world of politics, as they made most important decisions and often times treated the presidents at the time with disdain (text. 526). Power and influence of the presidency have risen over the past two centuries, slowly, as they have began to build a mass base of support through American citizens, establishing the powers which they have today. Presidents now are actively involved in policy-making and leading us into war. Despite this great change, there have been some negative effects of this growth, as presidents are often under intense scrutiny by the public, and in many cases, in danger of becoming assassinated. For this reason, today’s presidents must be protected and essentially hidden from the public in order to avoid any harm that may come their way; this is an issue that has evolved into more than what the Founding Fathers could have ever imagined for those elected as president.

The best technique to becoming more responsive and effective to American citizens is to know their desires and their needs and work to make a change in those areas. Presidents must understand what is affecting Americans who do not have a voice; Americans who live in poverty, or who have to endure abuse. Compassion is a quality that very few presidents in the past have possessed. Americans who have to live in such harsh conditions make up quite a bit of the population. It would be a long process, no single president could make such drastic changes in just one term, but it would absolutely be attainable if it became a priority of the presidents of future generations. Honesty, a sense of morale, and relatability are factors that make an effective and productive president. Presidents who make realistic, specific,and attainable goals, live by ethical principles, and can make a connection with citizens through actively involving themselves in their communities would win the hearts of Americans, because these are all characteristics that show servant leadership.

Presidency, without a doubt, is very different from how it once was 200 hundred years ago. While we have an idea of what the Founding Fathers had envisioned for the role of presidency, there is no way to know if they would be proud of what the role has become today. It is important for presidents to start thinking a bit more toward people, instead of relying so heavily on deceiving the public in order to win votes. The best presidents are ones who think beyond themselves, into places in which they could never imagine being; a reality in which millions of American suffer through every day. That is the only way to make this prominent role truly effective.


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