Political Science Discussion Post Response/Comment on classmate’s post (Cynthia) | Get Quick Solution

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Political Science Discussion Post Response/Comment on classmate’s post (Cynthia) | Get Quick Solution
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Hello Everyone,

This whole semester we learned about different political situations Democrats Republicans we
learned about the Supreme Courts, other courts, different trials, Congress and voting. If I was to
change something I would change the way the government rules are. I feel the government has
failed American and its people. There is a lot that needs to be done starting with the President we
need to remove him from the White House and change the way he decided to run this country. And
really make America great again. I feel they need to change voting to online voting so those who work and cannot be there to vote on the fourth of November.I believe even people inside a prison should have the opportunity to vote as well when it come down to the Republicans I feel they need to change the way they are. I feel like Republic is only for the rich and not the poor. The Democrats is a more open to the poor Society and not just the middle class or the upper class. The Supreme Court really need to change because it
should not be fixed for one race of people, everyone should be fairly trialed when it comes
down to the courts. Everybody lives should matter, the Border should be cleaned up and people
who are racists at the border should be let go. I feel this country should let anyone in especially if
they are willing to work and make a change in for better in The United States of America. I believe
in the way of a free thinker someone who don’t vote and who don’t follow politics and just real life
situations are going on every single day under the people noses because they too high-
strung to look in realize what were doing. We need to keep the Obamacare and change the
way Washington DC rules and regulations are. I learned a lot in the semester about politics
government Congress political parties but some of the law I believe in England about the
marijuana being legalized that is a great thing marijuana helps with a lot of sickness and health
issues but everything else should change. Thank you for this class, and the opportunity by letting me learn
everything I need to learn about this government. We are the people, is one great book.! Thank you for having this class.


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