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Political Science Research Paper ( 4 pages ) | Get Quick Solution
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You must answer this prompt:

Is populism bad for democracy?

– Instructions for Short Papers

  1. Papers must be no longer than 4 pages.
  2. Papers must be 1.5 spaced.
  3. Papers must be in Times New Roman (or Times) font, size 12.
  4. Papers must have 1-inch margins.
  5. Statements must be cited, using whatever format you are most comfortable using (forreference on how to cite, use the Purdue O.W.L.).
  6. If you are using any material that is outside of assigned readings (which you are morethan welcome to utilize), you must provide a separate works cited page (which does notcount against your page limit).
  7. Papers must be saved in a .doc or .docx format. Do not save your papers in the defaultpages format (for Apple users), as we cannot even open those documents.

To help with this paper please refer to this textbook: ( Chapters 5 and 6 will be most helpful )

Populism: a very short introduction

Cas Mudde and Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser

I provided the notes from the course below:


Definition: An ideology that considers society to be ultimately separated into two homogenous and antagonistic groups, ‘the pure people’ versus ‘the corrupt elite’, and which argues that politics should be an expression of the volonte general (general will) of the people.”

  • The three core concepts-the people, the elite, and the general will.

Ch 2. Populism around the world

  • Populism affects almost all continents.
  • Populism is an extremely heterogeneous political phenomenon.
  • Individual populist actors can be left or right, conservative or progressive, religious or secular.
  • This chapter focususes on NA, LA, and Europe in describing the characteristics and host ideology, and the specific interpreteation

CH. 3

  • There are three different types of populist mobilization: personalist leadership, social movement, and political party, although some populist actors have aspects of two or three.
  • Personalist leadership is more prevalent in certain regions, such as LA.
  • Social movements are common in America.
  • Political parties are the paradigmatic type of populist mobilization in much of Europe.
  • Do these types of populist mobilization have an impact on the electoral succuess of populism.


  • A common feature of populism is its reliance on strong leaders who are able to mobilize the masses and/or conduct their parties with aim of enacting radical reforms.
  • Populism is often guided by strong leaders, who, through their behavior and speech, present themselves as the voice of the people.
  • The populist leader describes the characteristics of the charismatic strongman
    • Ex. Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi and Venezuela’s Hugo Vhavez.

– Yet,, some populost actors portray themselves as voices of the people by using their gender, profession, and ethnicity. There are three types of populists: outsiders (very rare), insider-outsiders (often the most successful)

Ch.5 Populism and Democracy

  • Their relationship between populism and democracy has always been a topic of intense debate.
  • Depending on its electoral power and the context in which it arises, populism can work as either a threat to or a corrective for democracy.
  • To better understand this complex relationship, “Populism and democracy” presents a clear definition of (liberal) democracy, which helps to clarify how the latter is positively and negatively affected by outside forces.

Ch.6 Causes and Responses

  • To explain the success (and failure) of populist actors one has to take into account both the feelings of voters and the behavior of elites.
  • In addition, it is crucial to consider the ways in which the socioeconomic and sociopolitical context can both hinder and facilitate the demand for and supply of populism.

Populism: The Final paper

  • Is Populism bad for Democracy?”


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