Prepare a report with your answers to the questions below | Browse Solutions

Prepare a report with your answers to the questions
below. Professional presentation of your work matters – write formally, proofread,
and use spellcheck. Your report should be a minimum of one double-spaced page,
using Times New Roman 12 point font and one-inch margins. Do not add extra
lines between paragraphs.
Number your answers. Do not include the questions in your report.
Do not copy text word-for-word from the book.
The first three questions ask for your personal perspective. The final two require you to find the answers in Chapter 12.
In your opinion, what is the difference between a manager and a leader?
Charismatic leaders possess qualities or characteristics that set them apart from others. They draw followers in and inspire them through their words and behavior. Select someone you view as a charismatic leader. [Do not choose Dr. King, President Obama, or Mahatma Gandhi, as they are examples given in the book.] What are your charismatic leader’s unique qualities? Why do you find him or her to be an inspiring leader?
In your opinion, is charisma an inborn trait, or can you develop it?
In what ways does charismatic leadership depend on the situation?
How do followers’ characteristics influence their susceptibility to a charismatic leader’s influence?
Find the answers to the next two Qs in the chapter:

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Prepare a report with your answers to the questions below | Browse Solutions
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