presentation on "Technology in the classroom: useful or distracting? | Get Quick Solution

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presentation on "Technology in the classroom: useful or distracting? | Get Quick Solution
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PART 1) create a presentation that is about 8-10 mins long on the topic. you may audio record yourself for the slides/presentation

The presentation must include

  • A thorough analysis/discussion of the chosen work
  • an accompanying Google Slide presentation or powerpoint
  • Outside scholarly sources
  • A works cited page:
    • An introduction
      • A Hook
      • Some background information about what will be discussed in the presentation
    • A clearly stated thesis (argument) about the reading
    • A thorough analysis
      • Outside scholarly sources (NOT SHMOOP/SparkNotes/Wikipedia, or other general summary cites)
      • Include supporting quotes from the outside sources
    • Visual support for your slides
    • AT LEAST 15 slides / no more than 20

somethings to include: teacher wanted the topic to be elaborated both ways, how technology is helpful and how it is a distraction. also how it currently effects student doing virtual classes

PART 2) argumentative essay, 4-5 pages (1100-1200 words) On the same topic but cannot be copied from the presentation

“do not simply cut portions out from your presentation and paste them into an essay. THIS IS CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM. The presentation is meant to generate ideas & arguments and should not be a substitute for your own work. Use these ideas to formulate your own arguments.***” – my professor


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