Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The respect and priority of your right to privacy for is an integral part of our business model. Part of this obligation is to ensure that everyone who does business with us fully understands the data we collect, the guidelines for storing this information, and how it is used. All data is collected for the purpose of providing the products and services we advertise.

If you choose to use our products and services, we need to collect a certain amount of information, including your contact information, your location, and other specific facts such as your professional level or the area that interests you. We may also collect other data that we can use to assess how you interact with other customers through our website or other connected interfaces.

If you use our service, we keep your personal information safe. We do not pass on your personal data or identification data to third parties. Anonymity and confidentiality have top priority for us and are therefore carefully respected. We can only keep your personal data to ensure that we meet your requirements and we do not use your personal data other than for the fulfillment of our support and exercise your right to erasure.


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