Problem-Solving Method: Results and Rule Approaches & Virtue Theory Quiz | Get Quick Solution

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Problem-Solving Method: Results and Rule Approaches & Virtue Theory Quiz | Get Quick Solution
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What is the difference between teleology and deontology? (JB/JW

What are the steps of the five-step method? (JB/JW

Three factors influence approaches to ethics-head, heart and body. Describe each factor and how it could be used. (JB/JW)

What do BT mean when they say “it is in our nature to be egocentric”?

What is the basis for cognitive ethics? (JB/JW)

What is meant by the term ordinary prejudice”? (BT)

What are three drawbacks of virtue ethics? (JB/JW)

How is character shaped? (JB/JW)

What is “in-group favoritism” and what does it tell us about (b) bounded ethicality? (BT)

What is attribution error? (JB/JW)

What is an important concept that you learned as a result of your reading in preparation for today? Why is it important?

What is a “personal threshold”? (JB/JW)

What does John Rawls mean when he proposes that fairness should be assessed under a “veil of ignorance”? (BT)

What is the consequence for the natural environment of our tendency to discount the future? (BT)


Public Service Ethics: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities

Chapter 5, “Cognitive Ethics Methods” (pp. 75-98)

Chapter 6, “Virtue Theory” (pp. 99-116)

Bowman, J. S., & West, J. P. (2015).

Blind Spots

Chapter 3, “When We Act Against Our Own Ethical Values” (pp. 38-60)

Bazerman, M., & Tenbrunsel, A. (2011).

To Serve with Honor: Doing the Right Thing in Government

Chapter 3, “What are the Value Conflicts and Facts, and What Opinions Do I Have?” (pp. 33-64)

Newell, T. (2015).


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