Process essay (How to overcome disappointment) | Get Quick Solution

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Process essay (How to overcome disappointment) | Get Quick Solution
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Assignment: For this assignment, you are to write a process or “how to” type of essay. The essay will emphasize steps involved in an action or event, but it is not a narrative. The focus is on how to do something. BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE THIS IS THE POINT

Length: 750 or more words/ at least 5 paragraphs including an introduction and conclusion


please follow this outline below to write the essay


  • Introduction: Hook. Important background. Explain what the process is describing. Explain why this is helpful. Thesis- topic, how the process is beneficial, broad categories of steps
  • Paragraph 1: Accept the disappointment
  • Paragraph 2: Learn from your disappointment or mistake
  • Paragraph 3: Move on (time heals everything) Ex: -make yourself busy with friends and family, go out more etc..
  • Conclusion: Reassure the reader that they can do it! Remind the reader why this is worth trying.

NOTE: I have given you some ideas about how to get over disappointments (accept it, learn from it, move on) to make it easier, but you can change it if you want to something better.

Thank you if you have any questions you can ask me! 🙂


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