proposal for your final project and / thesis

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proposal for your final project and / thesis
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Please submit your proposal for your final project (scaled up/gigantic) and be prepared to share your thoughts in class. What is your vision? what is its form? what is its practical needs? how are you engaging with the space of the library (indoors and/or outdoors?) Bring examples, sketches and plans. Remember that you are technically putting a show together as a class, collaborations are encouraged. I would also encourage you to start mingling amongst yourselves. No decisions should be made without my approval. We need to consider everyone in the process.

Please note that we are following on the same pathways that we have established in our paradigms and the contextual essays but we are adding prompts for our paradigm to respond to. If the video object was an exploration of the miniature, your final is an exploration of the gigantic.

For example: what is the relation between your work/practice/world and the idea of “error”. Here “error” acts as a prompt, an obstruction if you will. then you can start thinking how you will play with this combination formally. Your prompt needs to be generative. Consider Environmental Humanities and Science Fiction Literature…

Here is a list of prompts you can of:

being lost/being found

Preliminary Schedule/Imp dates for the rest of the semester: Red Class/ Gray No class/ YellowOffsite

Week 10: (Nov 5)

Offsite examination/planning

Week 11: (Nov 12)
Group/Individual meeting
Special Topics Lecture

Week 12 (Nov 19)
Final Project Proposal Due
Group/Individual meeting
Special Topics Lecture

Week 13 (Nov 26)
No class/Fall Break
Final Project Progress post

Week 14 (Dec 3)
Final Project Progress post
Studio Day/WIP
Special Topics Lecture

Week 15 (Dec 10)
Final Critique onsite/
Install/deinstall details TBD
Dec 10 classes end

Week 16 (Dec 17)
No class
Contextual Essay due


Excerpts from the Libraries grant proposal and what they are advocating for:

“At a time when Americans still struggle to come to terms with how we can address the greatest
threats unleashed by pollution, from rising seas to unbreathable air, this project proposes to look at the
history of Anglo-American cultural imaginings of our climate futures, dystopian and utopian, from the
post-WWII era until today. The establishment of strategies to promote sustainability of the planet in the
current political climate of denialism in the Anthropocene necessitates not only scientific problem-
solving, but humanistic approaches to communicate future threats and potential solutions. Importantly,
this is not a question of “science,” as the facts of man-made climate change are undeniable. Instead, we
posit that the crisis of our contemporary era is actually a question for the humanities: How can we
communicate the reality of the climate crisis as a narrative that makes sense to, and persuades those who
cannot imagine the consequences of society’s overproduction & consumption?”


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