PS401 Abnormal Psych Case Study Assignment Case Study​ | Get Quick Solution

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PS401 Abnormal Psych Case Study Assignment Case Study​ | Get Quick Solution
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S401 Abnormal Psych Case Study Assignment Case Study #14

  • 9. CHALLENGES: According to the case study and the information in the text for this diagnosis what are the challenges of this particular disorder and discuss the challenges of the particular problems of the person in the case study?
  • 10. PROGNOSIS: A prognosis is the likely course of a disorder into the future. It is like a “forecast” of the likely course the person with this disorder will take through their life. Analyze the information below and provide a specific prognosis such as “poor”, “guarded”, “good”, etc. The prognosis needs to be specifically identified. The prognosis needs to be discussed in the context for how the person compares with others with the same diagnosis–will the person do better or worse and why. Information needs to be provided from the text and the case study to support the prognosis.The prognosis is based on the following:
  •  the disorder as described in the text
  •  the symptoms described
  •  the severity of the symptoms
  •  how compliant the person was with the treatment–therapy and/or medication
  •  how this person compares to others with the same diagnosisThe Prognosis needs to include the following:
    • 1. What is the prognosis?
    • 2. What information from the text supports this prognosis?
    • 3. How does the prognosis that you have identified compare with others with the same diagnosis? Is the person from the case study going to do better or worse and why?
    • 11. CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS: What would you add to the case study? Suggestions, concerns, observations, inconsistencies, or challenges. What other information would have been helpful to know about this person?
    • 12. APPLY THE 4 D’S: Apply the criteria from the text of the 4 D’s–Deviance, Distress, Dysfunction and Danger. Information from the case study is needed to support each of the 4 Ds. Each of the 4 Ds need to be listed and discussed separately.13. FOUR-FRONTAPPROACHTOFUNCTIONING(BeatriceWright’sfour-frontapproach1991; Wright and Lopez, 2002). Considering all parts of this format assess the person from a dimensional perspective using the following criteria. Specific references/examples to the case study need to be cited to support your observations.
    • 1. Deficiencies and undermining characteristics of the person.
    • 2. Strengths and assets of the person
    • 3. Lacks and destructive factors in the environment
    • 4. Resources and opportunities in the environment


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