PS401 Abnormal Psych: Character Assignment | Get Quick Solution

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PS401 Abnormal Psych: Character Assignment | Get Quick Solution
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Unit 7: Character Assignment


This assignment provides another opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the Personality Disorders and how they are different from the other disorders we have studied. It is important to recognize that they fit into a unique class of their own. There is significant overlap with the characteristics of the different personality disorders which adds to the challenge of understanding. One of the significant characteristics is that they rarely identify that they participate in the problem. For example, a person with and Anxiety Disorder knows they have a problem. Generally speaking, a person with a Personality Disorder does not identify that they have a problem–the problem is usually projected onto others–“they” are the problem.


Present a character from a movie, TV or a book who you think is a good candidate for one of the several Personality Disorders listed in the Chapter 16of the text. Do not post the same character that someone else has already posted. If that character has already been posted, then you need to find another character.

Do not use a character that anyone student has used for their assignment.

Assignment needs to list each area of this assignment by number when addressing each area (listed below).

Assignment needs to be a minimum of 300 words.

Due Date

Character Assignment–Thursday midnight Central Time

Response (1)–Sunday midnight Central Time


Assignments And Grading for the rubrics for this assignment.

Discuss Each Area about the Character You Chose

  1. Describe the character and the specific Personality Disorder that you think this character has. The description needs to be detailed so the reader will have an understanding of the character.
  2. List the diagnostic criteria and the number of criteria required for a diagnosis for this particular Personality Disorder.
  3. Indicate which of the criteria the character meets with a description of behaviors that supports each of the diagnostic criteria. Remember–the character needs to meet the expected number of criteria needed for this diagnosis. The diagnosis should not be given if the character does not meet the number needed.
  4. Possible treatment.
  5. Possible medication.
  6. On a continuum from 0 to 5 rate the severity of the Character’s problems from non-problematic (0) to extremely problematic (5) and justify your observations.
  7. Prognosis.


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