PS401 Homework Unit 8 | Get Quick Solution

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PS401 Homework Unit 8 | Get Quick Solution
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Read the chapter for this unit, the Lecture and related websites, explore the information on the textbook website. Read the article linked below. Apply this information to address the areas outlined below.

Assignment needs to use #1 and #2 for section headings when answering the questions.

When making references to sources, remember to give credit where credit is due.

Discussion needs to be supported with specific references to the article.

The APA format needs to be used–title page, abstract, page numbers, DS, citations and reference page.

400 words minimum.


Read the following article “A Madman In Our Midst” (Links to an external site.) from the New York Times Magazine.


  • Apply the knowledge you have gained from this course to identify and discuss in detail two (2) Abnormal Psychology issues related to the delivery of mental health services that can be identified in this article. (The diagnosis of bipolar disorder would not be an issue related to the delivery of mental health services.)
  • What are your thoughts as to solutions to these issues?


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