PSY200 Write any story you’ve heard with a psychological aspect. | Get Quick Solution

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PSY200 Write any story you’ve heard with a psychological aspect. | Get Quick Solution
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All of the stories that we heard as children had (I believe) a completely different reality than how we ‘understand’ these same stories as adults. If you have ever read a story to a child, even our reading to them is presented to keep them engaged in the story without making them aware of the ‘real’ story. For instance, children think of the wolf (e.g., Red riding hood) as scary but they are not aware that once a person is eaten, they can’t be ‘recovered’. In that story, or at least a version of it, the axe man chops the wolf open and the grandmother and red riding hood jump out. By the way, you can’t use this story for your assignment. Children are happy that Red and Grandma are saved but you know as adults, that is an impossible outcome.

Choose any story that you like other than Red Riding Hood to offer a psychological perspective. Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length, double spaced, with MLA or APA formatting, and with the use of Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font. The structure is to write a paragraph about the psychological issue, a paragraph with an analysis of the issue (using any of the theories from the first 7 chapters of the text), and a final paragraph providing a personal example of something that you have experienced similarly to the issue you discuss in this assignment.


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