PSYC 101 disorders

I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

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PSYC 101 disorders
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respond back to these 3 responses

-Hello class, there are many different types of disorders that would be difficult to deal with but for me, I think the most difficult to deal with would be Generalized Anxiety Disorder. APA (2013) Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a relatively continuous state of excessive, uncontrollable, and pointless worry and apprehension. People with generalized anxiety disorder often worry about routine, everyday things, even though their concerns are unjustified. I know there are a lot more serious disorders such as: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive & Bipolar Disorders, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, but Generalized Anxiety Disorder seems to be the most difficult or just plain irritating. I picked Generalized Anxiety Disorder because the thought of me being in a continuous state of worry is difficult to deal with. I am a person who is constantly moving forward in life, adjusting to new problems being thrown at me and I have no intentions of slowing down until I reach my goals, so I do not really have time to worry about the small things. If I had this disorder I would not get anything done, everything would move slowly, the goals I set will not be achieved because I would be too busy focusing on the “spilled milk” per say. I think the most difficult symptom to deal with would be sleep difficulties because, I love my sleep. I have had times when I was not able to sleep due to some of the conditions the Army puts me in, but when it is actually time to sleep, I have no difficulty doing it and I enjoy it very much. I think I would want love and support from my friends and family, and I would need them to tell me the truth like when I need to calm down and focus on the more important task. I think setting more important goals like graduating college, getting that new position at work, or just prioritizing my life would help me with this disorder.

-I believe PTSD would be a struggle to have to deal with especially for those faced with mental or sexual abuse trauma and military personal who experienced trauma during service. The symptom that would pose the most difficult, in my opinion, are the intrusive and distressing reoccurring memories of the traumatic event. In a way, this would feel like the memory just haunts your mind and it could not so easily just be pushed away from thought and moved on from but rather bring on feelings of trauma and anxiety when thought about. I feel when it comes to my personal needs from society and loved ones would just be support and comfort in times of PTSD and maybe with the help to get the event off the mind. I experience mild PTSD myself because I have been in about three car accidents that have all happened the same which is the car I am in hitting into the back off another car. One I was going about fifty miles per hour and the car was totaled. Due to this if someone I am riding with does not break early enough that I feel is comfortable or they come upon a car rather quickly, or when a car in front breaks hard suddenly, it triggers my PTSD. These accidents all have seemed to happen when it was raining as well. So I combat this by when it is raining having somebody else drive other than myself because it gives me a lot of anxiety driving myself in those conditions. Some treatment options for helping with PTSD include of course social support consisting of comfort, advice, and assistance following traumatic events. Also being involved in a community of sorts can help as well because it helps with remission and in general can help the avoidance of PTSD.

-My topic and the psychological disorder that I will be speaking about is Autism. The reason I am choosing this disorder is because my nephew has Autism in the form of As-burgers. He is super smart and very focused on his school and getting great grades.All through out high school he maintained a 4.0 GPA and did not like to be bothered while he did his school work at home or at school. He was very particular on who he let in on his trust circle. He also was easily upset but meant well always. He isn’t very social or open to new people or new situations. He is very to himself and organized and very used to schedules and routines. I believe that Autism is difficult because they can’t control it nor do they know they have the disorder. How he explained to me how he feels sometimes is that his brain is running a million miles per hour and he has no control over it. I see his struggles because he has sometimes troubles controlling his temper when it comes to the simple things knowing that he means well always. The key point of his support system is that his family is aware of his triggers and his behavior. What makes it so much better is that we know what makes him tick and also how to calm him down and help him get through it all. What I believe that would help is that more people need to be more aware of the disorder and try to be more accommodating to the fact that it’s not their fault . They need all the support they can get and opportunities for them to be normal just like everyone in society. They need to be offered the same jobs and tasks just like everyone else does no matter what.


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