psychology 241

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psychology 241
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Writing Assignments: The major assignments should be typed using 10 to 12 New Times Roman font, double-spaced, and with 1 inch margins. Additionally, they are expected to be free of major grammatical errors as well as spelling errors. Use the guidelines in the Blair Handbook, Fulwiler, T. & Hayakawa, A. (2007). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education for APA documentation examples. See the ECC General Catalog for penalties for plagiarism. Assignments without proper documentation will result in a “0”.


Writing Assignment #2 – Peer reviewed journal article summary: Select 1 peer reviewed journal article containing a research study (i.e. American Psychiatric Association) dealing with any developmental concept. You must access a peer reviewed journal article. Peer reviewed journal articles will have an abstract and a reference list. Website articles are not acceptable. Summarize the main points of the article using your own words as well as including concept. Summarize the main point of the article and /or what you learned. You may disregard any specific examples, statistics, or highly technical language in your summary. Instead, focus on summarizing the “5 W’s” in a logical progression for your article. For example: who did the research & who did the research population consist of, what idea, concept or disorder was examined and what was discovered, why they examined it, where did the study take place, and when did it occur. This summary should be 3-4 pages (body of your paper, does not include title page or reference page). Paper needs to be written in APA format (title page, in text citations, reference page, 1” margins, Times New Roman font size 12). I recommend that you review the APA format style at Submit your paper only; do not submit the journal article. Peer reviewed journals can be located in the LRC at ECCC or NCLive (Use your Moodle log in and password). This assignment is worth 100 points


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