PSYCHOLOGY 791 Culture & Human Development Thought Paper #1

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PSYCHOLOGY 791 Culture & Human Development Thought Paper #1
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  • To reflect on ideas discussed in the film and readings
  • To summarize briefly and concisely ideas that cut across film and readings
  • To critically analyze and extend ideas presented in the film and readings

Instructions (8.3 points): Your two-page (double-spaced) thought paper must focus on one or two key ideas covered in the film and readings below:

  • Film: Preschool in three cultures: Japan, China, and U.S.A
  • Readings on 1/28th, 1/30th, & 2/4th
      • Arnett, J. A. (2008). The neglected 95%: Why American psychology needs to become less American. American Psychologist, 63, 602-614.
      • Keller, H. (2017). Culture and development: A systematic relationship. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 12, 833-840.
      • Rogoff (2003) – Course Textbook – Chapter 1

Your paper must:

  • briefly and concisely summarize the aspects you chose to focus on that cut across the film and readings (approx. 1 to 2 paragraphs)
  • critically analyze these aspects by providing your take and reflections on them
  • include evidence to substantiate your statements by:
  1. connecting the filmmakers’ and authors’ ideas with your own reactions and
  2. integrating your experiences and potentially other relevant materials (e.g., related readings or films; your experiences with cultural communities different than your own)
  • not solely state your opinion, and
  • avoid the use of quotes.
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