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Psychology Discussion Board | Get Quick Solution
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1. Identify and describe four identity statuses that adolescents may experience. Do you recall experiencing any of these identity status during your adolescent years? Which identity status is most closely related to your experience and why?

2. People are attracted to occupations that complement their personalities. Name and describe the six personality types identified by John Holland. Give an example of a vocational choice for each.

3.Which of the six (can be more than 1) most closely fits your personality and why?

4.Are you in this career now or is this a career you are striving to begin?

5. Describe some similarities and differences in traditional and egalitarian marriages.

6. If you are married, or plan on marrying some day, what type of marriage will you promote and why? What makes you say that?

7. Were your caregivers from a more traditional view or egalitarian?

8. Name the Big 5 Personality Traits and give characteristics of individuals who are high or low in each trait. What are your BIG 5 results (go to this link and fill out the questionnaire: and how accurate do you feel each characteristic describes you and why?


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