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Your task is to write a 2000-word research report based on the study you participated in during

your Week 1 tutorial. This study examined the relationship between intergroup contact, ideology,

and prejudice.


The Method and Results sections of the report have been written for you already (these can be

found in the Assessments folder on Canvas). Therefore, you are required to write and submit the

other sections of the report. Specifically, your research report must include all the following


– A title that provides a concise summary of your report

– An abstract (no more than 120 words) summarising the report

– An introduction (approximately 940 words) that includes:

  • A critical review of the relevant theoretical and empirical literature
  • A clear rationale for the study
  • A set of a justified research hypotheses
  • – A discussion section (approximately 940 words) that includes:

  • A critical interpretation of the findings in relation to the aims and hypotheses of the
  • study and the findings of others

  • The theoretical and practical implications of the research
  • A critical evaluation of the strengths and limitations of the research
  • Suggestions for future research
  • – A reference list


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