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Your position paper should be 5-6 double-spaced pages in length, and contain the following sections: 
Abstract: Provides a concise synthesis of the paper. 
Introduction: Briefly introduce the global health actor and why it is important to the pandemic treaty negotiations. Why does it matter that their perspective be taken into consideration? 
Background: Describe your global health actor. Who are they? What kind of actor are they (e.g., UN agency, bilateral funder, multinational company)? Provide the historical and other important context to help the reader understand how the global health actor is situated in the field (think of this as the section where you catch the reader up on the important backstory they need to understand the argument you will be making in the paper).
 Reasoning and Analysis/Discussion: How will your actor show up in the negotiations? What positions might they take and why? In presenting your argument, make sure you back up each point with relevant data. This might be looking at how they have responded to similar issues in the past (e.g., HIV/AIDS, SARS) and logically extending the positon. Alternatively, you might draw on statements that your actor has already issued about the pandemic and the treaty negotiations. This section may also analyze potential alternative arguments about how others *think* your actor will show up and demonstrate why they are incorrect. 
Conclusion: Summarize the key points you made earlier and lay out the specific asks your actor will make in the negotiations. What positions will they take and try to persuade others about?

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Public Health Question | Browse Homework
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