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Question and Answer help needed | Get Quick Solution
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Learning Objective: Explain the framework of the federal and state court systems. 150 words minimum.

For this case study, you will have to access the website for the United States Supreme Court (Links to an external site.).

  1. Review the biographies of the current Justices. Which president(s) appointed each of the current Justices serving on the Court? (1/4 point)
  2. How many Justices currently serve on the US Supreme Court? (1/4 point)
  3. Explain the circumstances as to why the number of Justices serving on the Court as less than the number allowed in the US Constitution. (1/4 point)
  4. Why do the Justices wear black robes? (1/4 point)
  5. Is review on a writ of certiorari a matter of right? (1/2 point)
  6. Access Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute (Links to an external site.). Locate Title 28 of the United States Code. How many Justices constitute a quorum for the U.S. Supreme Court? What statute governs your answer? (1/2 point)


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