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questions 9 and 10 | Get Quick Solution
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Chapter 9

  • What is the difference between egocentrism in a child and selfishness in an adult?
  • What is the evidence that early childhood is a sensitive time for learning language?
  • What are the advantages of teaching a child two languages?
  • How does fast-mapping aid the language explosion?
  • Why did Vygotsky think that talking to oneself is an aid to cognition?

Chapter 10

  • What did Erikson think was crucial for young children?
  • Why might playing with peers help children build muscles and develop self-control?
  • Why do many experts want to limit children’s screen time?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using induction as punishment?
  • What do behaviorists say about the origins of sex differences and gender roles?


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