Quiz Journal 3: Chapter 10

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Quiz Journal 3: Chapter 10
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Instructions: This third quiz journal will reflect the reading from chapter 10 of the Acuña textbook. Each question is worth 1 point and you must complete this journal entry by 11/3/19 before 11:59 pm. *Each question is worth up to an additional 1 extra credit point.*

  1. In general, what was the impact of the Great Depression on the Chicano community?
  2. Which act led to the establishment of the Border Patrol and in what year was this agency created?
  3. Who was involved in the El Monte Strike and what was the outcome?
  4. How did the California Highway Patrol (CHP) respond to the San Joaquin Valley Cotton Strike and why is this significant?
  5. Who are the “manitos” and what is their role/connection to labor and/or political activism?

You may submit your answers as a text entry or as an attachment (.pdf or .doc/docx).
Please be sure to clearly indicate which questions you are answering by numbering your answers.

Since this is a private journal/assignment entry, you may also ask your professor any questions about the readings or have your professor clarify a concept, term, and or/theory you did not understand.

Here is the rubric per quiz question:

0 points

1 point

2 points

Student either did not answer the question or the response did not address the question in any meaningful way. Incomplete or missing sentences.

Student attempted to answer the question, but did not write in full sentences and/or did complete the response

Student answered the quiz question completely and using full sentences.

No concept, term, and/or theory was either mentioned or discussed.

A concept, term, and/or theory may have been mentioned, but did not seem like the student understood the term.

At least one concept, term, and/or corresponding theory was addressed and utilized correctly in the answer.


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