Racial micro aggression table

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Racial micro aggression table
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Completion of the following table: Based on the article—Racial Micro-aggressions in Everyday Life (see the supplemental readings folder), please answer the following two questions:

1) briefly define racial micro-aggression and

2) give an micro-aggression example of each theme and implicit message.

– I will attach the article in the attachments

this is just an example from one of my classmates of exactly what I want to do for this assignment:-

  1. Practice ¨microaggressions are brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color¨, to give concrete examples would be crossing the street when another race is on the side walk, not saying hello when spoke to, or automatically assuming people are bad or not worthy just by how they look.



Implicit message

1. Criminality: A person is presumed to be dangerous, criminal, or deviant

based on their race, nationality and/or sexual orientation

When renting an apartment (Mexican) being told that selling drugs will get you kicked out of the apartment, they read about Chapo.

That all Mexicans sell drugs.

2. Denial of individual prejudice: A statement made by those with social

privilege to deny that they have that privilege or any oppressive thinking

A white flight attendant telling two Asian men to move to the back of the plane when the white men who got on the plane after them, weren’t asked. When confronted why she had the diverse people to move to the back of the ¨bus¨ she said I would never do that.

The white men belonged in the front of the plane and the diverse people belonged behind them.

3. Myth of meritocracy: Statements which assert that race, class, gender, abilities or sexual orientation do not

play a role in life success

A white employer tells an applicant that the best candidate will be hired regardless of race.

People will hire people that will look like them unless they are highly recommended.

4. Religious or cultural superiority: When a person assumes that their race,

religion, or culture (broadly defined) is better than others’

When the white people of Postville changed their home church because on Saturday night service turned to a Spanish sermon

That their language or their pastor is better because he is speaking English.

5. Environmental microaggressions: Ways in which larger systems beyond the individual realm (such as institutional policies and practices) work to maintain systems of privilege and oppression

Students in urban, poor ethnically poor neighborhoods have less school supplies and materials compared to students in white suburban schools

Education is only for wealthy


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