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Reaction Paper- Museum visit | Get Quick Solution
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Reaction Paper-museum/Gallery/Art Fair Visit Review two important exhibitions ofcontemporary photography. Evaluate them in terms of aesthetic value and historical meaning

Documentation of your visit is required( receipts, invites, photos). Research the background of theartists you are reviewing. Look at articles, earlier works, teviews by others, bio sheet from gallery,etc. So your opinions are informed. Art 80(5 Pages) Art 680(7 Pages)

Paper Requirements

o 12 pt. typed double spaced paper(font: times new romano Cover page including your name, class, date, title

o Works Cited Page, photos included after the works cited page (Books, E-books, Articles,

Reviews, Journals, Websites, Videos/Peer Reviewed)o Documentation of your visits if applicableo Hard copy on time

o Electronic version(Word Document Only)on time and emailed to


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