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read and review those three essays | Get Quick Solution
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everything is attached below

To review other students’ papers:

1.Open a group member’s file.

2.Click on the “Review” menu, then select “Track changes.”You can also use the commenting feature.

3.Read through the essay, making constructive comments that occur to you as you read.Your changes should appear in a different color, or you can insert bubble comments in the margin.Note:I will be looking to see that you make comments directly on the essay!

4.Comment on the following issues with as much detail as you can.You will not receive credit for simplistic “yes” or “no” answers.You can address these questions in your in-text comments or in a summary at the end of the paper.

Does the student effectively and accurately introduce sources and the common issues to be addressed in the paper?What else can the student do to improve the introductory paragraph?

Highlight the student’s thesis.This should be a clear point about how the student will analyze the sources, following the model in the prompt.What might the student do to improve the thesis?

Highlight the student’s topic sentence in each paragraph.Does each topic sentence make a point to show what the student will analyze in that paragraph and how he will analyze it?Comment on topic sentences that need improvement.

Does the student provide a concise summary and overview King’s argument and the portions to be analyzed?

Does the student clearly identify one of King’s dependent claims and effectively analyze appeals and strategies used to develop each one?Identify any missing or underdeveloped areas.

Does the student provide sufficient supporting details and examples to back up his or her analysis?Where are more details and support needed?

Does the student effectively and accurately provide a concise overview of the argument by Cahn and Cahn, addressing all elements required by task #6 in two paragraphs?Comment on any needed clarity or development.

Does the student effectively discuss how one portion of Cahn and Cahn’s “Equality” chapter extends, illustrates, clarifies, and/or challenges or complicates the portion of King’s argument previously analyzed?Offer suggestions for development.

Does the student’s conclusion effectively bring closure to the essay in response to task #7 of the prompt?

Comment on the essay’s structure.Is it organized effectively?Why or why not?

At the end of the paper, write a short paragraph summarizing what the author did well and what could be improved in the revision.When finished, save your changes and submit your file as a REPLY to the student’s original post.
***Don’t forget to save your feedback in Word or PDF format!


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