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read instructions | Get Quick Solution
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Your company CEO has approached you and your team as a diversity and inclusion consultants to help improve their company’s inclusion and diversity. They have identified a specific issue of concern in their organisation and have hired you to provide an educational resource for them to present at their next board meeting.

They have asked that your presentation first introduce and explain the issue, identify why it is an issue of inclusion and diversity, explain the legal ramifications (nationally and in their state), and provide ways to overcome these issues. They ask that you provide some real-world examples to illustrate.

Case Study:

Please complete the following:

Legal ramifications (nationally and state): (350-500 words)

– By VIC law and AUS law in worksafe, what does worksafe state?

– One example from the VIC state and national law in regards to the topic and case study

– One example that demonstrates what happens when organisations disregard diversity and inclusion.

– How can this example impact/put at risk the organisation.


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