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Reading Question #2 | Get Quick Solution
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1. Your text explains that Britain did not have just “thirteen colonies” in North America, but in fact thirty-two by 1775 including: A) Louisiana B) Jamaica C) Greenland D) Belize E) Maderia Islands

2. FILL IN THE NUMBER (1 point each):a. Indicative of its rapid growth, what was the estimated population of the thirteen colonies by 1775? (fill in the number: ) b. What was also the colonists’ average age? (fill in the number: )c. What percentage of the colonists lived in rural areas? (fill in the number: )

3. TRUE or FALSE The most populous colony by 1775 was MASSACHUSETTS.

4. TRUE or FALSE “Heavy accented” SCOT-IRISH numbered about 150,000 or 6% of the total colonial populations by 1775.

5. FILL IN THE NUMBER (1 point each)a. “By far the largest single non-English group” by 1775, the African population roughly constitutes one out of every five colonials or (fill in the number: ) percent of the population within the thirteen British colonies by 1775.b. By the mid-1700s, the “richest (fill in the number: ) percent of Bostonians and Philadelphians owned nearly two-thirds of the taxable wealth in their cities.”c. (Fill in the number: ) signers of the Declaration of Independence were once indentured servants.

6. Within the American colonies, people often viewed which profession as “noisy windbags” or “troublemaking rouges?”A) physicians B) barbers C) lawyers D) newspaper printers E) sailors

7. Write down the item(s) transported on each of the three legs of the triangular trade system. (1 point each)a. New England to Gold Coast of Africa: b. Gold Coast of Africa to the West Indies:c. West Indies to New England:

8. According to your textbook because of its atmosphere and social nature, what establishments in colonial America represent a “crystallizing of public opinion” and “another cradle of democracy?”A) colleges B) churches C) taverns D) shipyards E) colonial jails

9. TRUE or FALSE Based on Table 5.2 on page 81, the vast majority of colonial Americans were of Protestant faith. But of the non-Protestants, there were numerically more ROMAN CATHOLICSthan JEWS in colonial America by 1775.

10. FILL IN THE NUMBER. Colonial Colleges Table 5.3 on page 86. Of the nine colonial colleges founded from 1636 to 1769, (fill in the number: ) were geographically located within a Middle Colony.

11. Helping to establish a basic American value, the celebrated 1734-1735 legal case of John Peter Zenger was a “banner achievement” for freedom of:A) speech B) religion C) illegal search and seizures D) press E) gun ownership

12. Which of the following is the INCORRECTLY MATCHED colonial figure with his or her profession or accomplishment?A) Jonathan Edwards – religious pastor B) Benjamin Franklin – founder of the University of Pennsylvania C) John Trumbull – painter D) Phyllis Wheatley – poet E) George Whitefield – engineer of colonial roads


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