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Reading Research Articles | Get Quick Solution
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Hello, I need you to read the article and answer the following questions. Please make sure to answer them in this format

(1,2,3,4, etc.) Not in an essay form.

1. What design did this study use? (Experimental or Correlation)

2. What is/are independent variable(s)? (Specify the levels)

3. What is/are dependent variable(s)? (list all dependent variables author measured)

4. How many participants in the study? What apparatus (e.g., survey, computer, equipment, etc.) did author utilize to measure the variables?

5. What is the findings of the study?

– Now I want you to convey the understanding of a research article: summary of the article and critique of the article. You will need to write ONE Paragraph for each of the following questions (#6 and #7). The requirements are

a. no more than 10 sentences, the max word count 250.

b. In-text citation and direct quotes are NOT needed.

c. You cannot Directly copy and paste sentences/phrases (expect professional phrases) from the original article. You must use your own words (so called “paraphrase” to summarize).

d. Font: Times New Roman, Font size 12; Spacing: Double

#6. Write one paragraph to summarize and paraphrase a). the design the author used for their project, b). identify the independent and dependent variables, c) talk about how the authors carried out their study (the methods), and then d) summarize the results. Make sure to follow the ABOVE mentioned requirements.

#7. Write one paragraph to address reliability and validity of the study. specifically, how reliable and valid is the study. Merely mentioning it is valid or reliable is not enough- you have to give plausible reasons to support your ideas. Make sure to follow the above mentioned requirements.


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