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reflection | Get Quick Solution
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For this assignment follow the instructions This week you will read Chapter 5,6,7 and complete the weekly reflection assignment. For this week, you can complete one reflection and combine the three chapters together. Meaning… you can just discuss what was interesting to you in all chapters. use the book.The name of the book is Creating Environments for Learning Author: Julie Bullard ISBN: 978-0-13-401455-5. The book is in the book shelf. You will need to log in to retrieve the ebook. Please only use this book as a reference and to answer the reflection questions. Also please include intext citation. Please answer the 3 questions and number the answers exactly as listed below.

Each question must be answered completely , answer each question.

Weekly Reflection

1)Write a brief chapter summary (at least three full paragraphs) discussing the main points of each chapter.

2)Please share a topic from this week’s readings, lecture or discussion board that you found to be the most interesting. Why is this topic interesting to you?(at least two full paragraphs)

3)What new knowledge did you gain from this week and how will you apply it to your own children or the children you teach or will teach?(at least two full paragraphs)


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