Reflection on the Crisis Simulation | Get Quick Solution

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Reflection on the Crisis Simulation | Get Quick Solution
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During the week 5, 6, and 7 discussions our class conducted a simulation in which the class was asked to act as the National Security Council advising the president as to what response to take with regards to a simulated terrorist crisis. This simulation was similar to a real world situation as strategic decisions had to be made with less than perfect information. Your decisions also had unpredictable outcomes with political consequences.

Resources to consult: Discussions have been attached

Write an essay of at least 500 words reflecting on the crisis simulation. Your essay should address the following.

Part 1 –How did you apply the information you have learned in the course materials and readings to your engagement in the simulation? What would you have done differently? Were there any particular any decisions of the class that were more contentious than others? How did the class respond to these conflicts and competing points of view?

Part 2 – How do the competing political interests of members of the National Security Council, such as interagency competition for money and influence, work for and against the formation of successful counterterror foreign policy? How might the President manage these competing interests?

Criteria: 1 – 2 pages.


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