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reflection paper for international communication | Get Quick Solution
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The class sessions you can write reflection papers on are listed in the course syllabus please choose any five. You can write reflection papers about the class sessions, exercises, guest speakers and movies wherever you see this note: ‘Don’t forget to write your reflection paper after today’s class’. A reflection paper is not a recap of the class, lecture or the exercise. A proper reflection paper is a combination of your thoughts, analysis of what you have experienced. In doing so, please relate your reflections to class topics. A reflection paper demonstrates your understanding and interpretation of the experience/course material. Therefore, a reflection paper is a personal account and is less structured than a regular paper you write for other classes.

May 21 Public Opinion, Propaganda and Psychological Warfare: Exploiting New Opportunities

Movie: Our Brand Is Crisis (1 hr 47 min)

Reading: James P. Farwell, The Art of Strategic Communication, Chapter 2.

Class Exercise: News headlines

Learning Outcomes For The Day: Analyze the process of shaping public opinion and propaganda in local and global politics.


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