Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay
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In a 3 page (Works Cited as a 4th page), double-spaced essay (12-pt font), write a personal and reflective essay and write it as an example of your best writing. You must use at least one short quote from the reading “How to be True to Your Word” . The full source information of the quote must also be listed at the end of the essay under work cited. MLA or APA style.

Please support your essay with at least 3 sources.

After reading the article “How to be True to Your Word”, write about the following:

  • Based on your experience with someone in your life who was not true to their word, tell the story of what happened and how it affected the relationship (you may use a false name for the person). Explain what one thing makes untruthfulness so very wrong in your view.
  • At what point does Cat Thompson use consequentialist or non-consequentialist reasoning about what’s wrong with untruthfulness in the article on “How to be True to Your Word”


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