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Reflective portfolio essay | Get Quick Solution
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Content: Write a brief essay, of three pages, reflecting on your progress in ESL 273, and argue why your writing demonstrates your ability to go on to the next level, ESL 5. This essay will go in the front of your portfolio, serving as an introduction to your work for the teachers evaluating the portfolio.

Prior to writing, look over all the work you’ve done for the class. Then, reflecting on your ESL 273 work, consider why you chose the essays you are including in your portfolio and how they demonstrate your advanced academic writing ability. Plan to refer to specific examples from your portfolio essays to show how your writing has improved.

Discuss what you have learned in ESL 273. This might include practice in organization, analysis, development, specific examples, construction of better sentences, peer review, proofreading, writing process, and so on.

How to start with a Hook


Structure(logical, critical thinking skills)

Developed supporting ideas, example, connections between paragraphs and explanation


Specific example

Citation(cited, paraphrase, quotation)

Include how your writing has changed or improved as a result of what you have learned in this class. Remember to provide specific evidence for your claims.


Thesis (how to connect a topic sentence and thesis)

How to use transition words correctly

Improve on developing backgrounds examples and explanations


Transition words

Evaluate what still needs improvement. Make sure to write about what you’d still like to work on with your writing. Remember that all of us, teachers included, are still trying to be better writers, so what are you going to focus on next in the next level and beyond? DO NOT simply write about a weakness. That does not fulfill the requirement.


Critical thinking skills

Summary and final thoughts

Right example to support the topic sentence

Connecting back to main ideas

Organizing ideas

Develop content

Contrast with the related topic

Audience: De Anza ESL teachers

What we’re looking for in the reflective essay:

  • Analysis of your own writing process and evaluation of your strengths and weakness as a writer
  • Clear organization
  • Well-developed, focused paragraphs
  • Specific examples, details
  • Well-constructed sentences
  • Correct grammar and punctuation

Form: typed, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1” margins

Draft for Peer Review, Due:

This essay is due as part of your portfolio on:

If the Portfolio readers determine that the reflective essay is not representative of the writing of the other work in the portfolio, especially of the in-class writing, the portfolio will receive an automatic no pass (NP).


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