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reply to discusion post below | Get Quick Solution
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I love the privacy setting in Facebook. I have been using them for quite sometime. There was a time, when I gave out way too much information about myself, my life, my job, my friends, everything. As I got older and wiser to the threats of identity theft and cyber stalking, I started to use my privacy settings more. The first thing I did was make my page private, so you had to be my friend in order to see my page. This way I had to know who you are in order to see anything about my life. I also made it so my page is not searchable from google, bing, or yahoo. I did this again to protect against cyber stalking and my future employers. At the time I was not responsible with the pictures I put up or allowed others to put it. Another thing I changed was allowing people to tag me in photos. Like I said earlier, I was not responsible when it came to certain photos at parties I myself and allowed others to post. Now my account is set up where I have to authorize a tag in a photo before Facebook actually puts the tag on the photo. In the readings we have been assigned in the class, the one thing I keep seeing is you never know how secure your friends page is. This is very true, which is why I have most of my sensitive information hidden on Facebook so only I can see it. My friends cannot even see who I am friends with. I pretty much made sure my account is so secure that there is really no reason for you to be on my page.


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