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reply to discussion below | Get Quick Solution
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For me, I am already a member of facebook since 2010. I don’t think the process of creating an account was so different back then as it is now. the account was created for me by a friend, although the whole time she was creating it I was presently with her. The easiest part of creating the account is inputting your own personal information, but then trying to find people you do know and facebook trying to connect with people that you either don’t know or don’t want to associate with is the hardest part for me. Especially now since I have facebook on my phone as an app, and every time I place a person’s phone number or anytime type of information in my phone it automatically wants me to send them a friend request or connect with them on social media. This was a feature I immediately had to close due to the fact some people are simply work colleagues or not people I want to meet on a personal level on facebook. Other than that for me facebook has been an easy process both when I started my account and now while maintaining it years later.


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