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Romance scams are online scams that occur when someone gains the trust of an online stranger to steal that person’s money or have that person commit a crime for them. I knew a lot about this topic before I even began attending English 1190. Online romance scamming is a problem that has been going on for years. It is one of the worst cyber crimes out there. On top of hurting people financially, it also keeps people from experiencing the joy of being in a romantic relationship. Earlier in life, I assumed these cyber crimes would be very unlikely. But I was very mistaken later in life. I imagined online dating could not be that bad when I made that assumption. However, every assumption made is not going to be always correct. I chose this topic because I have personally experienced how bad online romance scamming is. Now, I have never been dumb enough to have my money stolen. But I have been dumb enough to waste my time on dating sites and social media. With dating sites, it seemed like the number of scammers were far greater than the number of non-scammers. And with social media, Facebook has more fake profiles than one might think.
Are online romance scams worse than I imagine them to be in the present?
Who is likely to be a victim of these scams?
Who is unlikely to be a victim of these scams?
I will try to find out how worse these scams can be beyond my imagination. Then I will attempt to know the demographics that are likely to be victimized. And lastly, I will try to discover which demographics are unlikely to be victims. I plan to look for that information online from multiple online resources. Potential online locations may include Bing, Google, Wikipedia, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, FOX News, CNN, WKBD, WXYZ, WDIV, WJBK, and WWJ Newsradio 950. Also, I plan to look for that information (most preferably) at home. I may use the laptop provided by Macomb Community College or use my Chromebook, which may not be sufficient enough for me to attend my virtual classes. That is why I am using the laptop the school gave me instead. I may use my smartphone to do my online research as well. And I can also be connected to the internet through my Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PlayStation Vita. I will choose whatever device works best for me. If my internet service is interrupted, I can still do my online research at a nearby library if it is within walking distance.

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Reply with a minimum of 100 words | Browse Homework
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