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Research 2
1. Read the posted article above.
b. Refer to Chapter 6 pages 120 to121 of your assigned textbook for more guidance.
“Qualitative Approaches : Identifying the Phenomenon
1.Is the phenomenon focused on human experience within a natural setting?
2.Is the phenomenon relevant to nursing and/or health?Structuring the Study Research Question
3.Does the question specify a distinct process to be studied?
4.Does the question identify the context (participant group/place) of the process that will be studied?
5.Does the choice of a specific qualitative method fit with the research question?
6. Researcher’s Perspective6.Are the biases of the researcher reported?
7.Do the researchers provide a structure of ideas that reflect their beliefs?Sample Selection
8.Is it clear that the selected sample is living the phenomenon of interest?Data Collection9.Are data sources and methods for gathering data specified?10.Is there evidence that participant consent is an integral part of the data-gathering process?”
c. Respond to the questions below by reviewing the article and identifying those elements (state the page number you found the element). If you indicate you support the researcher use of the element, make sure your findings are with literature (eg. you can reference your textbook where it says that element is important in qualitative research).
Your critique responses should reflect the following:1. What type of qualitative approach did the researcher use?2. what type of sampling method did the researcher use? Is it appropriate for the study?3. Was the data collection focused on human experiences?4. Was issues of protection of human subjects addressed?5. Did the researcher describe data saturation? 6. What procedure for collecting data did the researcher use?7. What strategies did the researcher use to analyze the data?8. Does the researcher address credibility (can you appreciate the truth of the patient’s experience), auditability (can you follow the researcher’s thinking, does the research document the research process) and fittingness are the results meaningful, is analysis strategy compatible with the purpose of the study) of the data?
9. What is your cosmic question? (This is a question you ask your peers to respond to based on the chapter discussed in class this week i.e. Qualitative studies).
Using in-text referencing and a reference list. 2. Submit your clinical question in PICO-T to this link. Your PICOT should be submitted in a structured sentence format along with your 2 Peer Reviewed articles. Use in-text referencing to support each element of your PICOT.3. Minimizing bias and decreasing threats to internal validity is important to experimental designs. How
will a researcher use the three criteria, manipulation, randomization,
and control to minimize bias and decrease threats to internal validity?
2. Many times, researchers state that randomized clinical trials (RCT) provide the strongest level of evidence for an individual study when using an evidence-based model. As a researcher, why do you think this statement is true?
3. When conducting an experimental design, how
will you as a researcher, use intervention fidelity to increase the
strength and quality of the evidence provided by the findings of the
4. What is your cosmic question? (This is a
question you ask your peers to respond to based on the chapter discussed
in class this week i.e. Quantitative studies).
Using in-text referencing and a reference list,

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Research 2 | Browse Homework
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