Research about History of Jazz

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Research about History of Jazz
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Research Paper 1: Prepare a 4-page research paper based on one of the two topics released to you under Assignments, labeled Possible Topics for Research Paper 1 Short List. The assignment is worth 100 points. Read additional information on the Final Stage provided in the link below and review the requirements for citations. Check the Course Schedule for the availability date and due date. You will submit the completed assignment in the appropriate Drop Box under Assignments.

Possible Topics for Paper #1
Presented two weeks before the due date.

A) Describe how jazz developed in New Orleans from the fusion of African and European influences from around the turn of the century until the 1920s. What role did the cultural diversity of the city play in this development in regards to French, Spanish, American, African and Creole cultures. Use specific examples of major jazz figures of this period. Use specific examples of stylistic developments that occurred during this time.

B) Describe the events and personalities involved in the progress achieved in breaking the color barrier in jazz in the 1930s, both on the bandstand and on the dance floor/ in the audience. What effect, if any, did this have on race relations in the U.S. Use specific examples of musicians and bandleaders involved in this integration.

Information about Research Paper 1

Two weeks before the due date (check the Course Schedule), you will be presented with two topics , Possible Topics for Research Paper 1. You must write your research paper on one of these two specified topics.

Overview: The research paper is to be approximately four pages long each (double spaced) not including the citations. Select Citations

for information on how to prepare the citations.

Your research paper should include specific examples and should involve major figures and stylistic movements as well as diversity and historical issues related to jazz. You must consult at least three outside sources for this research paper. You must use appropriate citations and itemize all outside souces using footnotes and a bibliography. Your textbook is not an outside source, but may be consulted as well. The paper will be graded on content, quality of research, organization and structure, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

To prepare for this research paper, you are encouraged to become familiar with the significant figures, styles and concepts discussed in the text and video lectures. You can also get a head start by looking at possible outside sources. You can talk with your teammates or someone who knows the subject, skim the Internet, browse shelves and bibliographies and search the library catalog to become familiar with general sources on the subject.

Submit your research paper via the drop box under Assignments.

Please note that this is a 300 level course, and your writing needs to be at the College Junior level.

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