research essay L

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research essay L
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The minimum requirements for this first draft is that your paper must be at least four pages long (it must go onto a 4th page) and you must have six paragraphs (an intro paragraph, four body paragraphs, a concluding paragraph).

As this is our first draft for our third essay, I am not expecting them to be perfect. But by having a first draft, it allows us to make corrections until we are producing the required results. Drafting is an important part of the Writing Process.

These essays should be MLA format and should follow the required academic structure. Again, don’t stress too much if your formatting or structure is a little off, we will be revising and editing (again this is why Drafting is so important). When we get to our Final essays, the idea is you have gained the knowledge over the semester to complete these essays in one draft. But for now we are focusing on writing and revision.

I have attached the requirements in the pdf.

I will also need you to write the outline of the essay in a separate sheet of paper.

And in a third separate sheet of paper I will need you to write the links to the three source materials you are planning to use for your essay (this doesn’t mean you have to use them in your essay, just that you are thinking about using them), and then explain, in one or two sentences only, how they support, or argue against, your argument. How does the source material connect to your essay? 3 sources with explanations

And the fourth separate sheet of paper. I need you to write, Your thesis statement is the most important part of your essay. A thesis statement is one sentence that expresses the main idea of a research essay. This assignment asks you to create an argument related to Fashion. Your research paper wants you to take a position on the subject you decide to write about. Write your one sentence Thesis Statement. No explanations or lead ins, just your Thesis Statement. We know the Thesis Statement should contain the topic of your essay, and your argument. Just from reading your one sentence Thesis Statement, we should be able to figure out what your essay will be about. That is it.


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