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What method of research would you use for the following study:
“You notice that a group of three 4 year old children play gun play everyday for most of their free time. They run around, pretending that anything is a “gun,” even though toy guns are not allowed at school. Sometimes “gun talk,” even enters the conversation during routines times, snack time, storytime, etc. This play and talk seems very exciting to the the three boys, but now it is starting to be noticed by the other children, and they want to stay away from the “boy group.”.
You would like to study “gun talk” and “gun play” in 4 year olds, maybe even extending beyond the three boys in your classroom. Think about, How large to do want your study to be? Just your classroom? The School? Other schools in the community? Schools in different states than the one that you reside?
How will you collect your information? What method (s) described in chapter 1 would you utilize? What would you do to study this? How would you do it?

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research methods | Browse Solutions
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