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Research Methods II | Get Quick Solution
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Research Methods in the context of Rural Diversity:

  • Select one of the case studies from CarDi website or one of the studies attached herewith. State the client population it caters to. For e.g., Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino-Hispanics, Immigrants and Refugees, Migrant workers, Abused and Neglected children, Elderly, Rural poor, Women, Physically and Mentally Challenged and Gays and Lesbians. Let the instructor approve the case study you have selected.
  • Program Gaps: State the services/ program and evaluate its effectives, as at it would cater to the objectives of the program and as it would benefit the client population. (Hint: knowledge gained in HBSE, Practice, Policy, Field and other classes will be helpful[1].)
  • Research Evaluation Gaps: Connect services/ program with the evaluation of the services. State evaluation methodology used by the authors to assess effectiveness of the services/program. State the gaps in evaluation methods. Identify independent program variables that could account for program effectiveness. If you were to do conduct the evaluation, what research tools would you use?

Summarize research methodology used in these articles. States methodological flaws (based on the knowledge gained in Research I) and conclude

  • Has research been used to present reality in an objective manner
  • Has research been used to propagate myths and fallacies about this group/client population?

Pinpoint any unethical use of research findings. Include suggested future areas for research, which might add to the social work knowledge base for practice with this group.

It will be graded based on the adherence to the above guideline, demonstration of conformity with the expected educational outcomes, and mature expression with the proper use of grammar and sentence structure[2] is pre-requisite

[1] See the attachment “Diversity Bibliography”.

[2] See the attachment “Paper Directives”

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