Research on online addiction recovery

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Research on online addiction recovery
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NEED expansion and more significance added to the below sections. Comments from teach included. Sources must be 5 years or newer.

To purpose section, need at least 2 more paragraphs.


The purpose of this phenomenological qualitative study is to explore the experiences of stable recovery for women with substance use disorders living in rural north Georgia. Online recovery platforms were first mentioned 22 years ago by Finn (1996) as having large potential for full inclusion for all, increasing communication, and lessening physical boundaries.Health related outcomes have been studied from the social media platform of recovery, showing positive benefits, with little negative impacts (Merolli, Gray, & Martin-Sanchez, 2013).[GdH3]

[GdH1]This section also needs for work.Your purpose needs a little more detailed discussion

[GdH2]As your research question highlights online, you need to include this topic in your purpose

[GdH3]These sentences do not really add anything to the discussion about purpose (underlined in blue)

Significance section needs several sentences (and a new source or two) pertaining to online recovery platforms


Overdose deaths in the past year increased at a more rapid rate in the state of Georgia than the national average (CDC, 2018).In 2016, 928 Georgia residents died in the circumstances related to substance use disorder (Cupit, 2018). During 2017, the number of overdose deaths reached 1,035 people living in Georgia (Cupit, 2018). This proposed study will provide information benefitting women living in rural North Georgia battling substance abuse issues.The results from this study will provide a contribution to the literature on understanding addictions in women with less access to treatment.Significance will be seen through a reduction of barriers to treatment and recovery by improving the online ability to treat substance use disorders.Knowledge obtained from this study could promote social change through recommendations from collected information towards policy makers in rural areas to increase availability of services for those suffering substance use disorders.The ripple effect of this information will reduce deaths in the community from addiction because more availability to recovery help will be available.

[GdH1]There nothing in here about your research examining on online.


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