research paper child development proposal 1.5 pages

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research paper child development proposal 1.5 pages
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Proposal for the Research Paper


1. To choose a potential topic of interest to you in child development 2. To search for and identify empirical studies on the proposed topic

Proposal for the Research Paper: As a first step towards completing the research paper, you must write a proposal on a topic of interest to you in child development that is discussed in Lightfoot, Cole, and Cole (2018). Your proposal will then be reviewed by me to assess the suitability of the topic and feasibility of completing the paper by the deadline. In cases where proposed papers require modifications in topic or scope, I will provide alternative suggestions to inform your revisions of the proposal.

Keep in mind that your proposal or, if applicable, revised proposal, including empirical articles, must be approved by me in advance for your research paper to qualify as a portion of your overall course grade.

Your one-page (double-spaced) Research Proposal must address ALL sections below:

1.) Specify a topic of child development that interests you

2.) Provide a brief rationale about why you chose this topic

3.) Select and print out the citations and corresponding abstracts of TWO empirical articles focused on your topic that you plan to use for the proposed research paper.

? Sources that QUALIFY as empirical literature for this paper include original scholarly studies that report firsthand data analyses. These studies must be published in peer-review journals. Examples of qualifying peer-review journals include:

? ChildDevelopment

? CognitiveDevelopment

? DevelopmentalPsychology

?InternationalJournalofBehavioralDevelopment ?PsychologicalScience


? Sources that DO NOT QUALIFY for this project include: newspaper articles; web publications, such as news reports, fact sheets, Wikipedia materials, videos, opinion pieces, and blogs.


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