Research paper three parts

I’m working on a Sociology exercise and need support.

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Research paper three parts
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Hello, I have a research paper that has 3 parts, now I need part A in 10 days thanks.

Part A. Introductory Paragraph w/ Short Annotated Bibliography 10 points

The annotated bibliography portion of this assignment is to begin the work needed to create your paper. This includes developing a hypothesis with your introduction and an initial investigation of pertinent current research on the topic. An annotated bibliography for this part will include your Intro paragraph, Research question & hypothesis; and five peer- reviewed articles with annotations – or short paragraphs that identify a specific information point in the article that addresses your research question and how that point will work w/ other articles in terms of themes/topics to build your Literature Review. All the sources for this requirement must be from PEER REVIEWED journal articles.

This file provides information on annotations. Include in your annotations information on how an article fits in with other articles and your topic in general, look for concepts and specific points made in the articles that will help construct your paper. Annotation Sample and instructions:


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